Protect your flock with Biolime H90

Protect your flock with Biolime H90

The benefits of Biolime for sheep

Creates hygienic environment

Biolime is a gentle natural disinfectant that will help prevent bacteria and disease and help protect the health of newborn lambs.

Helps prevent lameness

Biolime will help prevent lameness and hoof infections caused by harmful bacteria, ensuring your flock are healthy and productive.

Helps prevent scours

By using Biolime, you create healthy and hygienic conditions for sheep and lambs, preventing potentially fatal diseases and complications.

Providing the best start to life


  • Prevents lameness
  • Improves hygiene in lambing pens
  • Protects against Scours, Watery mouth, Navel ill and Joint ill

Biolime is critical to maintaining healthy and hygienic environments for lambs and can be applied directly to bedding to prevent bacterial growth.

This natural disinfectant is also gentle and will not harm your livestock.

The recommended application rate for lambing pens is 500g per m².

two newborn lambs on straw under red light of heat lamp on organic farm in the netherlands
Sheep farming on a UK farm in The Shropshire Hills. Flock of sheep in a field in English landscape

Protecting your flock


  • Protects against mastitis
  • Prevents Scald and Foot Rot when applied to gathering areas, gateways and at housing

Biolime helps to reduce the risk of diseases and infections and can be applied directly to gateways and gathering areas to prevent bacterial growth.

Improve health, whilst saving time and money by reducing the risk of disease with our natural disinfectant.

What people say about us

  • Biolime is very easy to handle and helps keep our cubicle beds dry and clean, which ultimately minimises any threat of diseases. Using Biolime for our cubicle shed means all our cows are housed in comfort and at a cheap cost for cow health.
    Phillip Smith
    Dairy farm in Lancashire
  • Using Biolime as a daily cubicle disinfectant has meant we are able to consistently meet our cell count target of 100, even during the winter months. We have used other blended lime products before, with poorer results compared to the straight hydrated lime and they have gone lumpy even in dry storage.

    Chris Maudsley
    Dairy and beef farm in Cumbria

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