Protect your poultry with Biolime H90

Protect your poultry with Biolime H90

The benefits of Biolime for Poultry

Helps protect against diseases

Biolime combats diseases and, most importantly, it can protect against Avian Influenza. The natural disinfectant will kill bacteria while also being gentle on poultry.

Helps reduce flying

Biolime helps to create a hygienic environment that reduces any irritation to poultry and reduces flying activity and makes for happy and healthy birds.

Improves Biosecurity

Biosecurity is critical for your flock and Biolime acts as a barrier to any foreign infections or bacterial growth, protecting the health of your poultry and your livelihood.

Providing the best start to life

  • Improves biosecurity
  • Protects against Avian influenza, Newcastle disease and other bacterial infections
  • Reduces fly activity
  • Improves hygiene for a healthy flock environment

Biosecurity is critical for poultry as infection and disease can spread quickly amongst your flock.

Biolime acts as a barrier to bacterial growth and protects against diseases, such as Avian Influenza.

Biolime creates more hygienic conditions for poultry by reducing bacteria, eliminate bugs that can cause irritation to birds, helping to reduce flying activity and making for happier and healthier birds.

Biolime can easily be applied by hand and can be used in a variety of indoor settings.

Recommended application rate is 500g per m²

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What people say about us

  • Biolime is very easy to handle and helps keep our cubicle beds dry and clean, which ultimately minimises any threat of diseases. Using Biolime for our cubicle shed means all our cows are housed in comfort and at a cheap cost for cow health.
    Phillip Smith
    Dairy farm in Lancashire
  • Using Biolime as a daily cubicle disinfectant has meant we are able to consistently meet our cell count target of 100, even during the winter months. We have used other blended lime products before, with poorer results compared to the straight hydrated lime and they have gone lumpy even in dry storage.

    Chris Maudsley
    Dairy and beef farm in Cumbria

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