Protect your farm with Biolime H90

Protect your farm with Biolime H90

The benefits of Biolime for your farm

Prevents Mould

Biolime can be applied to a variety of farm situations and will prevent the build-up of mould and unwanted odours.

Antiseptic whitewash

As an effective natural disinfectant, Biolime can be applied as a whitewash to help improve hygiene across the farm.

Reduces acidity/pH control

Biolime is a strong natural alkaline and can be used to reduce acidity in effluent and manage pH levels in your anaerobic digesters.

Protect the whole farm with Biolime


  • Hygienic and antiseptic whitewash
  • pH control in digesters
  • Reduces acidity/pH control of farm effluent
  • Helps prevent mould and condensation problems
  • Improves hygiene for a healthy flock environment

Biolime is a tough natural disinfectant that is also gentle on livestock and you.

As such, it has a multitude of applications across the farm to help create hygienic environments and manage pH levels in effluents and digesters.

This natural antiseptic will combat mould and tackle condensation problems and is also easy to apply across the farm.

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Managing your digesters


Your anaerobic digesters are a valuable asset to your farm but the complex biological processes within need careful management to ensure you are getting the maximum efficiency from them.

Biolime is a powerful additive for managing the reactions within your digester and can be used to carefully manage the pH levels, ensuring the bacteria can operate at their full potential.

Similarly, you can use Biolime to reduce the acidity in your effluent.


As well as producing Biolime H90, we also produce a range of other products for agricultural applications including Woldlime™ Agricultural Lime CaCo3 – a less densely compacted and geologically younger sedimentary rock predominantly composed of compacted coccoliths (Sea Algae). As a ‘softer’ rock, agricultural lime is more readily broken down and absorbed into the soil solution. To learn more about Woldlime™ click here.

We also produce a range of aggregates suitable for agricultural applications including pipe bedding and crushed aggregates. For more information on the range, click here.

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What people say about us

  • Biolime is very easy to handle and helps keep our cubicle beds dry and clean, which ultimately minimises any threat of diseases. Using Biolime for our cubicle shed means all our cows are housed in comfort and at a cheap cost for cow health.
    Phillip Smith
    Dairy farm in Lancashire
  • Using Biolime as a daily cubicle disinfectant has meant we are able to consistently meet our cell count target of 100, even during the winter months. We have used other blended lime products before, with poorer results compared to the straight hydrated lime and they have gone lumpy even in dry storage.

    Chris Maudsley
    Dairy and beef farm in Cumbria

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