About Us

About Us

Made In Britain

Singleton Birch has been quarrying in Lincolnshire since 1815 and all of our agricultural lime comes from this location.

Our business has evolved over the years and we now offer a range of expert services for the agriculture and wider industries.

From silos to anaerobic digesters, we work to deliver the best products and solutions for farmers.

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A Global Supplier with a Proud Heritage

Singleton Birch is part of the Mississippi Lime Company (MLC) family of businesses, a global supplier of high-quality products and technical services related to lime. We have been trusted for over 200 years to provide high quality solutions to customers in the UK and internationally.

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We are closely connected to the agricultural community and, with having our own quarry, can guarantee security in our supply of all our products.

All of our quarrying land is restored back to agriculture when we finish.

We are deeply proud of our rich heritage and place in the community.

What people say about us

  • Biolime is very easy to handle and helps keep our cubicle beds dry and clean, which ultimately minimises any threat of diseases. Using Biolime for our cubicle shed means all our cows are housed in comfort and at a cheap cost for cow health.
    Phillip Smith
    Dairy farm in Lancashire
  • Using Biolime as a daily cubicle disinfectant has meant we are able to consistently meet our cell count target of 100, even during the winter months. We have used other blended lime products before, with poorer results compared to the straight hydrated lime and they have gone lumpy even in dry storage.

    Chris Maudsley
    Dairy and beef farm in Cumbria